Drone Services: Photos, Videos, 3D Models, & Mapping

Unparalleled Site Visualization from Nashville to Nationwide

What We Do

Plan & Problem-Solve

In our Pre-Production phase, we work directly with clients to find the most efficient and effective solution for each problem.


Once in our Production phase, our top-tier equipment is operated by our FAA certified, insured, and experienced pilots to get exactly the images and data needed.


During the Post-Production phase, this is where we love to impress. This is where the editing, color correcting, 3D model processing, graphic enhancing, etc. all happen.

Our New Client Portal

See your deliverables in one place

Have all the information you need about your site, inspections, videos, photos, etc. in one neat, organized place.

The Big Falcon Difference

We use Hollywood-level drones, cameras, and editing software to deliver top-tier quality. With backgrounds in the film industry, we ensure every deliverable impresses.

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A Few of Our Clients

"Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. These maps are a huge win for us."
Matt Arnold
Flow Manager
"Big Falcon Digital delivers top of the line visuals and training content. Their commitment and attention to detail produce deliverables that exceed all expectations."
Tarryn Porter
HSE Manager
"We needed to showcase a significant land and business opportunity. We were blown away by the level of detail and quality of the aerial shots they produced. They did exceptional work and we are looking forward to using their services again soon."
Matt Randall
Business Broker - Transworld Business Advisors of Nashville
“We really used the Property Maps as progress updates for stakeholders. Without them, it’s hard to see the whole project on one picture to track the changes. Also, having that historical record is helpful to see certain electrical improvements, different street lights, etc. and to say 'Between these months is when this certain construction progress happened.’ They’ve been really helpful.”
Don Alexander
Project Manager - Southeast Venture
Oct 9, 2023

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